Fiber & Dice Episode 002: Amusement Parks for Robots

fiber and dice

Fiber & Dice Episode 002: Amusement Parks for Robots

Fiber & Dice Episode 002: Amusement Parks for Robots

You can find me as EngineersFalcon in Instagram and Ravelry. You can find the Ravelry Group by searching the Rav groups for Bluebonnet Fibers or Fiber and Dice podcast

Fiber & Dice/Bluebonnet Fibers on Ravelry:–dice-podcast—bluebonnet-fibers

Bluebonnet Fibers/Fiber & Dice Blog:

Instagram: EngineersFalcon

*In My Hands – begins at 1:36

Simple Skyp Socks

Simple Skyp Socks:

Fish Lips Kiss Heel: by Sox Therapist:

Sea Scape Orange Polwarth on the Wheel

FatCatKnits SemiSolids:

Hermione’s Everyday Socks

Hermione’s Everyday Socks

Yarn Vs Zombies (Grapefruit Yarn):

Robin Redbreast on the Wheel

FatCatKnits Robin Redbreast:

*Mountain of Conquered Things! – begins at 7:45

Smithereens Ply Party

Smithereens Ply #1 from FatCatKnits:

Combed Top Ply #2 from Paradise Fibers, Camel Colorway:

Treasure Hunters by James Patterson:



*Ducks in a Row – begins 12:00

All. The. Contacts.

EngineersFalcon on Instagram:

EngineersFaclon on Ravelry:

Bluebonnet Fibers / Fiber and Dice Podcast Group on Ravelry:–dice-podcast—bluebonnet-fibers

Fiber & Dice Podcast on iTunes: search for fiberanddice

Fiber & Dice Podcast on Libsyn (click the little grey “POD” to watch):


To find me on Downcast search: fiberanddice

Other Podcasts I mentioned:

Pokemon: The Dex

Disney: Inside the Magic

*Carving Out Time – begins 17:38

Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT4

Brandon Sanderson’s Word of Radiance, Book 2 in the Stormlight Archive

Words of Radiance Book 2:

On Audible

Way of Kings, Book 1:

On Audible:

Brandon Sanderson:

*Happy Place – begins 21:03


Duluth Trading Compnay, Crack Zap It:

Little Skein in the Big Wool:

Gynx Yarn:

The Dyer’s Notebook:

*The Segment About Gaming – begins 26:57



10x10in2014 Challenge:

Eldritch Horror:



Of Mice and Lemmings:

Beastie Bash:

Clash, Dawn of Steam:


Girl Genius Vol 13:

Uptown Espresso and Gameporium:

Among the Stars:

Epic Fantasy Soudtracks:

Stormy Weather:

Featured Game – SteamPark


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