A Lesson Learned


A few years ago, I tried my hand at dyeing yarn. It was so much fun and I loved it. However, a few months later and we moved into a tiny apartment with an even tinier kitchen, and so I sent the dye pots to storage. We have not dug them out again yet, but I have been anxious to try dyeing again.

This spring I am also participating in a group on Ravelry called The Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup. It is a group that offers challenges and motivation to finish projects by posting “classes” and prompts. One of the classes this semester is Potions and it gave me the perfect chance to try dyeing again. In the spirit of the prompt, I decided to take some white yarn and dye part of it with pomegranate juice.

IMAG0603  IMAG0605

After the yarn soaked in vinegar and water I put less than half the yarn in with pomegranate juice on the stove. I loved the way the color was taking. I did, however, want some variation in the reds. To that end, I added a few drops of red food coloring. I dropped four drops right on top of the water, and without stirring or disturbing it, let it settle just on that fiber it touched. Once done, I gave it a good rinse, and was pleased with it, so I hung it dry.

IMAG0606  IMAG0607  IMAG0608

There, was however, on teeny, tiny itsy, bitsy problem. The ties that the skein was originally secured with came loose in the rinse, and by the time it was dry and I was ready to skein it, there was a storm brewing. A huge tangle was headed my way. Once it happened I remembered being warned about this by experienced dyers, but alas, I totally forgot.

IMG_20150519_120309 IMG_20150521_132118 IMG_20150520_135310 (1)  IMG_20150520_105242 IMG_20150519_224412

Twelve, yes twelve, hours of slow untangling later, the yarn was just like I had hoped it would be. It was a long few days, but worth the work.

And I have learned my lesson: Use your own ties when dyeing, and use many of them. I don’t think I will ever forget again.


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