Hiatus – we have a lot planned

Welcome to the Fiber & Dice Podcast and Bluebonnet Fibers blog if this is your first time here. If you are back, thank you for returning. I suspect you might be here because you watch the podcast and are going to stick with Charles and I while we are on hiatus from being podcasters. If you aren’t caught up on the podcast this is the perfect time to do that, there are 60 episodes live.

You can find links to all the things: https://bluebonnetfibers.com/about/

Our family is in the process of a handful of changes that are going to happen all at once – the two biggest are switching from 6th grade to 7th grade in our homeschooling and the high probability of a move. We have some less pressing health and work stuff going on too, making the need for a break from podcast for the summer.

We don’t want to lose our connection with our fiber and gaming community though, so here is where to find what all we have going on in June, July, and August.


I am EngineersFalcon on Instagram and Charles is CSGaidin. That is great way to follow what all is going on: new yarn in the shop, games we are playing, my summer knit alongs, blog updates, and a glimps into our “real” lives.


There is a group for both the Fiber & Dice Podcast and the Bluebonnet Fibers shop. The podcast group is well established and I hope to see the summer chatter pick up with the knit alongs. The Bluebonnet Fibers group is just getting into gear, but I will post information about shop updates there. I am also starting a thread of Finished Objects made with my handspun!


About half of the previous podcasts (the most recent) are already on our YouTube channel – Fiber and Dice (shocking right!?). We are also planning to start posting other kinds of videos – unboxing new games, game plays, some of our summer adventures, vlogging, and maybe even some of the videos our kids are making about their favorite hobbies.


I have so many ideas I want to write about here on the blog! And as part of school

Welcome to the Summer of 2016 Hiatus – I think we are going to have a lot of fun.